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Clarus Vision Clinic

"The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered."

- William J. Mayo, MD

Are you searching for a cataract surgeon in the Salt Lake City area? Cataract surgery is one of the most successful medical procedures performed today. Modern cataract surgery is a safe, outpatient procedure. Get started today with a consultation from Salt Lake City's cataract surgery experts.
Both Dr. Christiansen and Dr. Rupp specialize and are fellowship trained in the treatment of glaucoma, an eye condition that leads to damage to the optic nerve. Our doctors can help you manage your disease by prescribing drops, using in-office lasers, or by various surgical methods. Regular eye exams and treatments are key to preventing vision loss. See our Salt Lake City experts today.
Tired of glasses and contacts? See the difference with LASIK. Clarus Vision Clinic offers our patients in the Greater Salt Lake City area and the entire intermountain region, a caring team of professionals with an impeccable safety record, along with the most advanced laser vision correction technology. The Salt Lake City LASIK team at Clarus Vision Clinic is here to help you regain your visual freedom - lose your glasses or contacts with LASIK.
Like annual visits to the dentist, regular eye examinations are a crucial part of your overall health. Trust your sight to the experienced team of eye doctors at Clarus Vision Clinic, serving Salt Lake City and the entire intermountain region.
comprehensive eye exams
Do you see spots? The Salt Lake City eye care team at Clarus Vision Clinic can help. Learn about our in-office laser procedure that can remove most eye floaters safely and painlessly. Be floater-free today.
eye floaters
Are you diabetic? It is important for you to have regularly scheduled, routine eye examinations with the professionals at Clarus Vision Clinic. Our eye doctors can diagnose, track, and help you manage diabetic eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema (DME). We are here to serve you in Salt Lake City and the entire intermountain region.
diabetic eye care

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Clarus Vision Clinic is an ophthalmology practice located in Salt Lake City. We are dedicated to the treatment and management of all your vision care needs using the latest technology and research available. These services range from LASIK, cataract surgery, glaucoma management and surgery, to comprehensive, routine, and diabetic eye exams.

We not only specialize in treating common eye conditions such as cataract and dry eye, we are also experts in complicated eye diseases such as glaucoma. At Clarus Vision Clinic, our consultations and treatments are all delivered with the personal attention and compassionate care you deserve.

Our friendly staff has the proficiency, knowledge, and dedication to provide innovative care. From fitting you for contacts and glasses, to enhancing your vision through advanced cataract surgery, we are here to serve you.

We care about your eye health and enjoy helping our patients see their very best. Please browse our website for more information. Contact us to make an appointment. Learn about our services and doctors. Read our patient testimonials and reviews to learn why the physicians at Clarus Vision Clinic are leading eye care providers in both the Greater Salt Lake City area and the entire intermountain region.

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