Waiting for LASIK

Happy young woman putting on contacts

In 7th grade, I finally admitted that I couldn’t see the board in school. I was too embarrassed to get glasses and went straight to contacts. Around this same time, both of my parents had LASIK. They loved getting rid of foggy glasses and pesky contacts. I kept hearing about how great it was to wake up and see in the morning. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to get rid of my contacts with LASIK.

LASIK Candidate

Fast forward to now–I’m 22 years old and started doing more research and went in for a consultation to see if I’m a LASIK candidate at a few different places. The first was a national LASIK center that advertises themselves as cheaper. I ended up waiting a while, then felt uncomfortable because staff members were pushing me to get LASIK as soon as possible, while I was still weighing my options. They saw some issues that might disqualify me for LASIK, but told me the risk wasn’t too high and that they wanted to go ahead with the surgery. I again told them I was researching and hadn’t made a decision yet about where to get LASIK.

Coming to Clarus

Later, I had a consultation at Clarus Vision Clinic because it’s smaller and seemed more professional. It was going well – I have some astigmatism in one eye but that looked okay. The technician finished all the tests, then passed me off to Dr. Christiansen. As he reviewed my records, it looked good, except for one risk. My corneas have some mild abnormalities that make it risky for a young person to have LASIK. But here’s the catch – I’m not a LASIK candidate now. I should be clear to get surgery in about 10 years.

Moving Forward

Even though I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and see my phone, I’d rather be safe. Ten years seems like forever to wait, but the more I think about it, the more grateful I am that Dr. Christiansen didn’t let me get LASIK now. LASIK is very safe for the right person at a high-quality place, and in my case, at the right time. This experience developed my trust in the doctor because he prioritized my health above all else.

Each person is unique, and we don’t all have the same eyes. I found out more about my unique eyes and path to LASIK by coming in for a personal consultation. Come in for your own quick 20-minute free LASIK consultation to find out about your unique eyes. If you’re cleared for LASIK, congratulations! If not, don’t despair and talk to your doctor because it might not be the end.


– Katya W.


Note about LASIK: Years ago, some media sources questioned the safety of LASIK, despite the fact that the FDA approved LASIK in 1995. Because of the suspicion, the FDA reexamined LASIK’s safety and concluded that LASIK is extremely safe. They concluded that bad outcomes were from doctors and clinics who would perform surgery on everyone who walked into their clinic.


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