Live Longer with Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery Candidates

There are obvious benefits to having cataract surgery. The main reason: being able to see, again.

A 2017 JAMA Ophthalmology study showed that there was a 60 percent lower chance of death when patients had their cataracts removed. It was a 20-year-long study, done among 74,044 women aged 65 and older, all with cataracts.

41,735 women had their cataracts removed and had a 60 percent lower risk of death. While there have been retractions and changes to the results of this study, the benefit of having your cataracts removed still outweighs the risk.

Surgery can be a scary prospect, especially when you are older. However, you may feel better knowing that cataract surgery has a 98 percent success rate. Over three million Americans a year have their cataracts removed and replaced with customizable lenses. You can experience life all over again.

Read this New York Times article to learn more about the benefits and ease of cataract surgery.  If you have more concerns, schedule an appointment with our doctors. They are willing and able to answer questions and suggest the best route of care.

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