Discussing LASIK Safety with Dr. Christiansen

If you wear glasses or contacts and they sometimes get in the way of your lifestyle, LASIK sounds like the perfect solution.

However, many people still have concerns. Today we are going to discuss the safety of LASIK with Dr. Christiansen.

“There are 3 things that hold people back from LASIK: cost, safety, and convenience,” Dr. Christiansen said, “We hope to address one of those today and answer any questions or maybe even teach you something that you didn’t know about LASIK.”

What is LASIK? It is an eye surgery that uses lasers to reshape the inner cornea of the eye to correct vision. Sound scary? It shouldn’t! It’s a quick procedure with a quick recovery. Most people can go back to work the very next day. Dr. Christiansen mentions, “Even astronauts and Air Force pilots are good candidates for LASIK. Astronauts are still able to go up to space and pilots have never been grounded for it.”

Astronaut in space Fighter jet

Why should you get LASIK? LASIK is actually safer than contacts. Using contacts increases your chances of getting bacteria in the eye and causing major damage. You are touching your eyes at least twice a day and if you are not washing your hands and being careful, you risk infection. Also, most people keep their contact cases in the bathroom where there are many germs and bacteria. Getting LASIK cuts out the need for contacts and your risk of getting an infection.

Dr. Christiansen has performed over 3500 LASIK surgeries. He has a very high success rate and makes sure that when a patient comes to the clinic, they are taken care of. Before becoming a candidate for LASIK, Dr. Christiansen and the Clarus staff do a full, comprehensive exam of their eyes and other health factors to make sure that they are a candidate. If there is any doubt about whether or not LASIK would be a good choice, they don’t push the patient. The patient’s safety and overall health are most important.

Check out our LASIK Self-Test and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Christiansen to get started. Get ready for your life to change!

Photo sources: Dr. Christiansen, NASA, Cedric Dhaenens

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