LASIK in the Major Leagues

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Tomas Nido, a catcher for the New York Mets, was ready to receive the pitch when his left contact lens was suddenly blown out by a strong wind. He couldn’t see where the ball was going, but thankfully it was fouled by the batter. Nido had been having other issues wearing contacts in cold and windy conditions in a profession reliant on good eyesight. After speaking with Met officials, his agent, and an ophthalmologist, Nido had LASIK surgery. When Nido came back to play after his surgery, his batting average increased.

Wilson Ramos, another catcher for the Mets, had LASIK surgery in 2016 when he played for the Washington Nationals. The next season after his surgery, Ramos had a .307 batting average and played in an All-Star Game for the first time.

Even before making his first All-Star Game, Ramos said, “Now I feel more comfortable at the plate. It’s only four or five games after surgery, but I see the difference now.”

It is critical for baseball players to have the best vision possible to decide whether to swing or not. Any issues with blurry vision, dry eyes, or lost contacts can mean the difference between a home run and a foul.

Just as Tomas Nido carefully consulted with Met officials and ophthalmologists to ensure the best results for his unique eyes, patients at Clarus Vision Clinic can come in for a free comprehensive LASIK consultation with individual attention from Dr. Gregory Christiansen.

Dr. Christiansen has performed over 3500 LASIK surgeries and always ensures that his patients will get the safest and best care available. Thanks to the latest innovation in LASIK surgery and Dr. Christiansen’s expertise, the procedure at Clarus is safer and faster than ever before. Call or request an appointment online today and see the difference LASIK will make for you!

Sources: New York Times, MLB.com, clarusclinic.com

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