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Discussing LASIK Safety with Dr. Christiansen

If you wear glasses or contacts and they sometimes get in the way of your lifestyle, LASIK sounds like the perfect solution. However, many people still have concerns. Today we are going to discuss the safety of LASIK with Dr. Christiansen. “There are 3 things that hold people back from LASIK: cost, safety, and convenience,”… Read More

LASIK in the Major Leagues

Tomas Nido, a catcher for the New York Mets, was ready to receive the pitch when his left contact lens was suddenly blown out by a strong wind. He couldn’t see where the ball was going, but thankfully it was fouled by the batter. Nido had been having other issues wearing contacts in cold and… Read More

Mummified Eye Doctor

Remember learning about mummies in elementary school? You may have even seen one at a museum. They were almost always pharaohs and queens. You may be surprised to find out that a mummy in Spain was an eye doctor. Among the pharaohs, queens and elites of Egyptian society was Nespamedu, a priest and also likely… Read More

20% for 20/20 Vision

#ClarusVisionCares At Clarus Clinic we care. We care about you, the patient, and we care about our Salt Lake community and the world around us. One way that we show that we care is by donating 20% of your surgeon fee for LASIK to the charity of your choice.  Pick from the organizations we already partner… Read More

The Environment Impact of Contact Lenses

Have you ever wondered how many contact lenses get thrown away every year? 45 million Americans wear contacts, many of whom use daily disposable contacts. Contacts are small but, if not properly disposed of, can have a huge impact. A study of 400 contact wearers showed that 20 percent of them flushed or washed their contacts… Read More

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